About Us

SD Consultancy Services

SD is establish to help small and mediam size companies and individuals by way of providing accounting services at affordable price and help them to build financial stability by providing accurate and realtime financial reports.

We believe in the value of relationships thus we always think about our client benefit. We encourage them to use latest technology and save mannual hours. With the help of our core experiance we setup the unique process which reduce manual errors and increase efficiency. Our financial reports are based on the realtime figures which anable businessess to take correct discision on time.

We are using various software's as per clients requirement and comfort. We have good hand on Tally ERP, QuickBooks and CA Office software

Our experience and training keeps us up-to-date on accounting products and solutions for today’s business needs.  Bookkeeping has come a long way since the days of ledgers and piles of paperwork.  If you’d like, we can suggest new ways of bookkeeping that will save you time and money.

We’re small business owners just like you. Unlike employees, we don’t charge for vacations, benefits, sick time, mistakes, training, or even payroll taxes.  We come “hassle-free,” and we don’t bother you with personal problems!  We’re thrilled to have you as a client, and your relationship is important to us.  We’re committed to earning your trust.